Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 8: This is my last week with Monkey Magazine! :( This last week I am trying to reach my goal of doubling the fans on the Monkey Myspace, as well as increase fans on the Facebook page and Twitter. I have been really focusing on Twitter the last two weeks as well as looking into TweetDeck, which is a way to look at all of your account posts, friends' posts, posts involving yours, and facebook. I think it's an easier way to use Twitter. Also I have been twittering ivery few hours to insure that our readers kept checking us out for the latest news and issues from Monkey! We also got my interview with Rhys Darby back and it should be in one of the upcoming issues! It turned out really great! Unfortunately the end of the week came which meant I had finished my internship at Dennis. It's safe to say I wasn't ready to go and I had a fantastic summer working with the boys at Monkey. Thank you guys for everything and I already miss going into work!
Week 7: We are still waiting for the footage from the festival, it's taking a long time to get to us. But I can't worry too much about it because I was just told that I would be interviewing Rhys Darby. He is the manager in Flight of the Conchords as well as Jim Carry's boss in Yes Man. He was in London promoting the second season of Flight of the Conchords as well as his new comedy show. I had a 15 minute interview slot and about 15 questions. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a very laid back interview. I interviewed him in the theatre where he was performing his comedy show so I ended up sitting a few chairs away from him and the camera was strictly on him. I would ask him questions and he gave the funniest, sometimes the most ridiculous answers! I was told not to laugh because the camera microphone was right by me but at times it was really hard! When I got back from the interview, the footage finally came from the festival. Unfortunately because the weather was so bad the camera and the sound got all washed out. So we ended up not being able to use the footage. But luckily my interview with Rhys Darby turned out!
week 6: This weekend as part of the program we are going to Paris! We left on friday morning by train. We took the chunnel, which is a long tunnel that connects England and France by going under the English Channel. Once we got there we started sightseeing. On the first day we saw the Moulin Rouge, got dinner on Avenue des Champs Elysees (which is one of the most famous streets in Paris), and the eiffel tower at night all lit up! The next day was a very busy day because it was the onlyfull day we had in Paris. We went and saw the Louvre, which we could have easily spent the entire day in, and saw the Mona Lisa, the inverted pyramid and Pharaonic Egypt. After that we saw some more sights and found out that the Tour de France was finishing in Paris the next day so we went and got to see the final run and the finish line. The last day we were there we went to the Notre Dame. We were able to go to the top of the church to take pictures of all of Paris. It was fantastic! After we were done at the Notre Dame we had to rush back to the train station to catch our train. Overall I liked Paris but I was definitely ready to go back to London!
week 6: At the beginning of the week, I was waiting on the footage from the festival so I could watch my interview and so the guys could edit it and get it ready for the magazine. We were finally contacted by the PR firm that had the footage and they told us it wouldn't be ready until the following week. So for the rest of the week I continued working on the social networks and increasing readers online.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 5:

Ok so I went to the Wakestock Festival this weekend and it was an experience! First of all, when we got there the forecast was rain all day with heavy rain and wind at night. All I brought for shoes were flip-flops! Luckily the rain held off for the first hour or so, so the guys at the magazine gave me a Flip camera to go around and interview people at the festival. This was my favorite part. Going up to people and just start talking to them! And the questions that I had were a hit. I decided to try them out on random people before asking the bands. Once the rain started, we pretty much stayed on the stage which, thankfully, was covered. After Fightstar finished their performance, which was all acoustic, I was able to conduct my interview. Of course I was nervous but it went really well, I just hope the rain wasn't too loud in the background that you can not hear the interview! After that I was able to interview another band, The Haunts. This one wasn't on camera but the guys were really sweet and they were still excited to be there even though the conditions weren't ideal. By the end of the night, my feet were caked in mud, my clothes were soaked but I still had a great time! The camera man said it should be about a week before I get the footage. I can't wait!
Week 4:

This week's planned tour was the City of London tour. Here we basically walked around central London and got to see all of the sights and learn the history behind them. We saw Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, etc. While I have already seen all of these sights the last time I was in England two years ago, I did not learn any history behind them. For example, Buckingham Palace is famous for the home of the Queen but she is only there on Tuesdays and for any major public function. Otherwise she considers Windsor Castle, just outside London, her home and she spends the majority of her time there. And as many times as I have seen and visited these sights, they never get old. I still enjoy them just as much as I did two years ago.
Week 4:

This week I was doing the same with all of the social networking sites when I was told that I would be going to a wakeboarding/music festival over the weekend to interview bands for the magazine. The festival is called Wakestock and it is in Northwest Wales, about 4 hours away by train and another hour by taxi. I'm a little nervous because I have never interviewed anyone before let alone rock bands! So the second half of my week was me prepping for the weekend. The PR company that invited us, Shine PR, is representing Jagermeister so we will be interviewing the bands after their performances on the Jager stage. I came up with 12 random different questions to ask the bands. I found out that I would definitely be interviewing a band called Fightstar so I did my research and listened to a bunch of their songs before I left.